Fourth Meeting of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning

28-29 November 2017, Madrid, Spain

The fourth GAML meeting:

  • Received updates on UN and Education 2030 processes regarding development indicators, as well as recommendations regarding reporting and capacity development with identification of the action items that have implications for the GAML work programme;
  • Discussed and endorsed GAML governance and priorities in organization and communication;
  • Reviewed and endorsed measurement strategies for each of the learning- and skills-related indicators under the responsibility of GAML;
  • Discussed and approved the conceptual, methodological and reporting frameworks for Indicator 4.1.1; and
  • Finalised the learning outcomes and skills-related inputs to be integrated in the report that will be prepared by the Technical Cooperation Group on SDG 4–Education 2030 Indicators (TCG) to the Education 2030 Steering Committee with a detailed “work plan for each target together with an assessment of resources needed to fund the finalisation of the conceptual, methodological and operational work on the global indicators”.

Meeting documents

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