China Launches two Global Online Learning Platform to Support Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

Support by the Ministry of Education of China and Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, two online learning platforms launched recently, namely  “XuetangX”( and “iCourse International” ( The platforms provide excellent learning resources in English and other languages from top universities around the world and reliable technical support. “XuetangX” delivers around 3000 online courses from world’s first-class universities, including MIT, UC Berkeley, Tsinghua and Peking University. Based on the “iCourse” platform, which has a total of more than 9000 MOOCs and over 13000 online courses, the “iCourse International” provides 193 English courses in the first batch.

Introduction of XuetangX (

The digital learner generation is now well and truly emerging on a global scale. Seven years ago, Tsinghua University established XuetangX, the first MOOCs platform in China to integrate and share global high-quality MOOCs. XuetangX has already delivered 2,966 online courses together from first-class universities all over the world, including Tsinghua, PKU, MIT and UC Berkeley, among others. The platform has attracted over 58.8 million learners, with the total course enrollment number up to 163 million. So as to serve global users better, XuetangX is set to release the international version on April 20, 2020, together with the first batch of 109 online courses in English.

The international version of XuetangX will make available an English-language interface. Platform interface in other languages including Russian, Spanish, French and Japanese will be rolled-out very soon. You can visit XuetangX on your laptop, phone or other digital devices. With the latest developmental achievements of MOOC, XuetangX provides online courses, live lectures, certificate programs, and online degrees to meet different needs of worldwide learners.

Welcome to a high quality platform of MOOC learning! Welcome to XuetangX! Welcome to join XuetangX and learn high quality MOOC!

Introduction of iCourse International (

iCourse international ( was officially launched by Higher Education Press of China on April 28, 2020. It mainly provides online teaching & learning services for foreign university teachers and students, overseas Chinese and other global learners. English is the main language of the platform, and other language versions will be available in succession. E-learning is available anytime, anywhere through PCs or mobile Apps.

iCourse international is based on mature course operation management experience and strong technical support of iCourse China University MOOC, which gathers first-class universities in China such as Peking University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University. The platform provides 193 English courses. The online courses have been carefully constructed and selected, which are mainly taught by excellent instructors, and the online interaction is carried out by specially assigned faculty members. The first batch of eight kinds of high-quality characteristic courses will be launched, including medical science, natural science, engineering and technology, agriculture and ecology, economy and development, art and design, intelligent and virtual simulation experiments, future oriented and innovative entrepreneurship.

The platform can provide the required functions for users with different roles, such as universities, teachers, students and other learners. It mainly includes four systems: online learning system, course management system, learning certification system and data service system.