February 20, 2017 to February 23, 2017
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

This workshop is being organized in cooperation with  Cariscience, a UNESCO-supported network of R&D and postgraduate programmes in basic sciences in the Caribbean.

Only 4 of the 15 countries in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have policies in place to support the development of science and technology, potentially a key economic driver in the region. In response, CARICOM established the Science, Technology and Innovation Committee (CSTIC) in 2014 to implement a Plan of Action. Priorities include the development of basic and fundamental infrastructure and building statistical expertise.

To help pave the way forward, UNESCO has committed to providing technical assistance to CARICOM countries as they develop guidelines for national and regional STI policies. As part of this process, UNESCO’s STI Policy Unit in Paris and the UIS will provide training to strengthen data collection and methodologies, necessary for current and future policymaking.

Participants from the Caribbean will assess the current situation in the region and present national status reports of institutions, policy and indicators, including gender-specific indicators. The aim is to strengthen national and regional action towards STI as a key component towards sustainable development.