UNESCO IITE and UNESCO-ICHEI signed a project agreement

signing the agreement

On 11 October 2021, the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) and the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI) based in in Shenzhen, China, signed an agreement on the implementation of the joint project “Digital transformation of higher education in Central Asia”. The joint project is aimed to contribute to enhancing the quality of higher education through the use of digital technologies and educational resources in the Russian-speaking countries including Central Asia.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Tao Zhan, director of UNESCO IITE, and Mr. Li Ming, director of UNESCO-ICHEI, emphasized that this cooperation is a great starting point for a long-term strategic partnership between the two organizations that share the same value. Ms. Svetlana Knyazeva, Chief of the Institute’s Digital Pedagogy and Learning Materials Unit, briefly summarized the expected outcomes of the project. Mr. Lyu Feng, Assistant Director and Chief of the Management Centre of the International Institute of Online Education, agreed that this project is a win-win cooperation on the basis of complementary advantages.

The International Institute of Online Education (IIOE), set up by UNESCO-ICHEI, will serve as the platform for the project implementation, which enables the development and localization of quality educational resources and teacher training courses in Russian.