American Schools of Angola

American Schools of Angola's Values

The mission of the American Schools of Angola is to nurture and develop successful global citizens and culturally-sensitive leaders who are proud well-adjusted lifelong learners; inspired to be extraordinary; and whom create a better world for all.

Our school has been designed to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for students to develop into their extraordinary selves. Our focus is on learning, thinking, and applying that knowledge; to know what information is important, how to apply it, improve it, connect it to prior learning, and communicate it to others.

ResiliArt Angola Residence in ASA

The health crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus has plunged the global economy into a recession. While billions of people around the world turn to culture as a source of comfort and connection, the impact of COVID-19 has not spared the creative sector. UNESCO launched ResiliArt, to shed light on the current state of creative industries through virtual discussions.  It aims to ensure the continuity of conversations, data sharing, and advocacy efforts long after the pandemic subsides. 

Today, more than 100 countries developed their own ResiliArt movements. Angola is one of them!


ResiliArt Angola proposes to create a multidisciplinary programme to promote the progression and development of artistic careers, in the form of residencies for artists, exhibitions (physical and virtual) and artist talks.


Watch images shot during the ResiliArt Angola Residence at the American Schools of Angola!

"Inspiring Extraordinary Minds"
Discover ResiliArt Angola Residence at the ASA!


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