Release of the Guidance on Flexible Learning during Campus Closures

UNESCO INRULED, UNESCO IITE, UNESCO ICHEI, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University and CRADLE at Nanyang Technological University have jointly released the handbook entitled Guidance on Flexible Learning during Campus Closures: Ensuring Course Quality of Higher Education in COVID-19 Outbreak, which is the third one after the first one The Chinese Experience in Maintaining Undisrupted Learning in COVID-19 Outbreak, and the second one Guidance on Active Learning at Home in Educational Disruption: Chinese experience on promoting student’s self-regulation skills during COVID-19 outbreak.

The handbook has discussed the following topics, namely lessons planning of flexible learning during campus closure, choosing appropriate delivery methods for flexible instruction, preparing materials and tools for learning and teaching, facilitating flexible learning with diverse activities, and checking learning outcomes and evaluating accordingly.

The handbook has rethought the current situation of ICT in higher education and analyzed the change of educators’ role, discussing how to integrate formal and informal learning, bridge the achievement gap of students, as well as utilize new technology to transform pedagogy. Based on diverse cases of higher education from China and overseas, the handbook proposed practical suggestions for all aspects of higher education, so as to facilitate university teachers for conducting flexible instruction to ensure the quality of learning in this critical moment.

Guidance on Flexible Learning during Campus Closures