Sebastiäo Salgado & Jennifer Douzenel

Exhibitions at UNESCO Headquarters

From Saturday 13 November to Wednesday 17 November, on installation will be visible on a giant screen on the side of the wall of room I in the garden of UNESCO. From 10 am to 4 pm, Sebastião Salgado's photos are displayed, set to music by Jean Michel Jarre (a musical score based on the sounds of the Amazonian forest). At nightfall, we broadcast the work of Jennifer Douzenel, "Blink" until 21h.

Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado has crisscrossed the Brazilian Amazon, photographing forests, rivers, mountains and the people who live there. He spent several weeks living in local villages, photographing eleven ethnic groups. This deep universe, where the immense power of nature is felt more strongly than almost any other place on earth, has imprinted striking images in the eye of the photographer.

Photos of Sebastião Salgado

Jennifer Douzenel


To celebrate its 75th anniversary, UNESCO is opening its doors to contemporary creation. Out of the Blue is an exhibition by Jennifer Douzenel, an artist who has put video at the heart of her practice. In close dialogue with the architecture of the site and the spirit of the place, Blink is shown on a monumental screen along the conference centre. It is an image of the sea, stripped of anything exotic, or it is simply water, the universal symbol of life. Embedded several times in the same image, this indeterminate landscape that we discover from the UNESCO garden is a fragment of the world, which invites us to renew our view of the site and the works installed here, by opening new horizons.

"Exhibition curator - Anaël Pigeat"

Jennifer Douzenel