Information and Communication Technologies in Distance Education. Specialized Trainig Course elaborated by the international course team headed by Prof. Michael G. Moore within the framework of the IITE Training Programme.

The course is designed for learners who have some prior training and experience in conventional
classroom education and can be completed in a face-to-face training workshop or as an independent
distance education (DE) course and will require approximately 36 hours to complete. The course will
introduce participants to a number of important themes that are relevant for developing society
environment, including:

  • DE concept, its development and the role of ICTs in DE;
  • functions of distance teaching and corresponding organizational types with special emphasis on
    the implications for ICTs;

  • DE system components and consequent demands associated with ICTs and developing DE courses;
  • requirements for teaching in different DE systems with special emphasis on the effective
    integration of ICTs;

  • what is known about DE learners covering important research on distance learning and ICTs;
  • issues that relate to DE policy and the application of ICTs in this form of education.

The course represents a valuable addition to the range of resources available for skills
development in DE. Its focus on a developing society combined with a responsible and well-founded
approach to ICTs in DE will certainly support the training of a cadre of DE professionals.

Publication year: 2002

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