​​ANAVRYTA-UNESCO-ASPnet-Voting.jpgASPnet schools from 10 countries participated in UNESCO/UNODC’s initiative on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) for the Rule of Law: Doing the Right Thing, which aims to build the capacities of educators, teachers and policymakers to promote the rule of law through education.

Teachers and educators at primary and secondary levels from these 10 countries worked with toolkits that contain age-appropriate activities, tips, resources and relevant references that can help develop and strengthen learners’ skills and values to actively support peace, justice and strong institutions. 


Through interactive lessons, the toolkits promote skills such as conflict resolution, critical thinking, teamwork and empathy, and values such as acceptance, integrity, respect and fairness, which are crucial in creating knowledge and skills to resist crime and violence and helping children to solve ethical dilemmas. The launch of the two finalized materials – now called Handbooks on Empowering Students for Just Societies – took place in October 2019.

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