Assessment, and monitoring and evaluation: How will we know what students have learned?
Safety, resilience, and social cohesion: a guide for curriculum developers
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This booklet looks at issues of assessment, and monitoring and evaluation in relation to learning to live together (LTLT) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) in schools. The assessment of students’ learning achievements is critical in order to help educators see what is being learned and to help them motivate and engage their students. Formative assessment can be conducted informally by teachers in order to measure and check their students’ progress. It can also be conducted more formally through written tests in school or through national examinations. Including LTLT and DRR in national examinations is strategically important in ensuring that these areas are taught in schools, and will help secure student and teacher buy-in. In addition, new approaches to assessing these competencies must be identified and adapted to local learning contexts.

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