​ASPnet is a laboratory of ideas and its members from around the world pioneer innovative and creative pedagogies to translate global concepts into practice, with the aim of advancing the transformation of education systems and policies.

Since the end of 2018, six innovative pilot projects have been launched through the network, and ASPnet teachers and students in over 100 countries are experimenting and testing new UNESCO manuals in priority areas related to the Education 2030 agenda. Thanks to their engagement and critical feedback, UNESCO and partner institutions are able to improve the quality of the developed materials and resources, strengthening their relevance for schools in different countries and contexts.

​​In the ASPnet thematic action area "Global citizenship and a culture of peace and non-violence", two pilot projects took place:


Under the ASPnet action area "Sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles", one pilot project was launched:

Two pilot projects were initiated for the ASPnet action area "Inter-cultural learning and the appreciation of cultural diversity and heritage:

In addition to these five pilot projects, which focus on teachers and students testing innovative materials and resources, ASPnet schools from 25 countries participated in testing a new approach - the whole-school approach – which is now planned for roll out in the entire ASPnet community.