‘We should dream big!’ – a young musician wins a song contest by UNESCO IITE and VK Music

In the summer of 2021, the DVOR media project supported by UNESCO IITE and VK Music launched a song contest for teenage artists. It was an opportunity for the young people to talk about their ideas and pains through their own music, legitimize their experience, and share creative energy. The campaign received visibility and support from well-known artists: the IOWA band and The First Musical label.

The winner of the contest was recently announced – the main prize went to Ekaterina Vasilyeva from Nizhny Novgorod under the stage name Social Mistake, and her composition “Let’s make the music on the bones”. The main message of the song is to trust yourself and dare to fulfill even the craziest dreams. Ekaterina’s reward was the opportunity to record this song with the IOWA music band in one of the best studios in St. Petersburg.

The song “Let’s make the music on the bones” is based on a character from my favorite TV show – a girl who has lived her life dreaming of Broadway. This song teaches us to dream big, strive for the set goals and achieve them.

The long-awaited recording session took place in October. The young performer easily found common ground with experienced musicians and shared how she started making music and why she decided to take part in the competition announced by DVOR.

The rest of the participants’ compositions from the contest were compiled and published as a special playlist of DVOR and Vkontakte. In their music tracks, teenagers shared the main problems that worry them – relationships with adults and society, school, bullying, romance and friendship.