Li Chen

Vice President, Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)
Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)

Prof. Chen obtained Bachelor degree in Electronics, Master degree & PhD in Education Technology from Beijing Normal University.

Prof. Chen has been working in Beijing Normal University since 1988. She initiated the master degree program and PhD program of Distance Education in Beijing Normal University, the first one and only university in China delivering degree program of Distance Education. Prof. Chen has been teaching the bachelor-level course The Foundation of Distance Education, master-level course Frontier Discussion on Distance Education, and PhD-level course Theory & Practice of Distance Education. Prof. Chen is leading a project committed by Ministry of Education Strategic Research on Education Innovation by Disruptive Technology.

Her research mainly focuses on interaction principle of online learning, disruptive education innovation by internet, and policy for lifelong learning. She is also deeply engaged in policy consulting in online learning and lifelong learning. She has authored and published more than 10 books and 100 papers.