An open door to UNESCO's knowledge

An open door to UNESCO's knowledge

Building peaceful, democratic and inclusive knowledge societies across the world is at the heart of UNESCO’s mandate. Universal access to information is one of the fundamental conditions to achieve global knowledge societies. This condition is not a reality in all regions of the world.

In order to help reduce the gap between industrialized countries and those in the emerging economy, UNESCO has decided to adopt an Open Access Policy for its publications by making use of a new dimension of knowledge sharing - Open Access.

Open Access means free access to scientific information and unrestricted use of electronic data for everyone. With Open Access, expensive prices and copyrights will no longer be obstacles to the dissemination of knowledge. Everyone is free to add information, modify contents, translate texts into other languages, and disseminate an entire electronic publication.

For UNESCO, adopting an Open Access Policy means to make thousands of its publications freely available to the public. Furthermore, Open Access is also a way to provide the public with an insight into the work of the Organization so that everyone is able to discover and share what UNESCO is doing.

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