From cherished historic monuments and museums to living heritage practices and contemporary art forms, culture enriches our lives in countless ways and helps build inclusive, innovative and resilient communities. 

Protecting and safeguarding the world’s cultural and natural heritage and supporting creativity and dynamic cultural sectors are fundamental to addressing the challenges of our time, from climate change to poverty, inequality, the digital divide and ever more complex emergencies and conflicts. UNESCO is convinced that no development can be sustainable without a strong culture component. Indeed only a human-centred approach to development based on mutual respect and open dialogue among cultures can lead to lasting peace.

UNESCO-MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference

The UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development – MONDIACULT 2022 will be convened by UNESCO forty years after the first Mondiacult World Conference on Cultural Policies held in Mexico City (Mexico) in 1982, and 24 years after the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies for Development held in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1998. The UNESCO-MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference will be hosted from 28 to 30 September 2022 by the Government of Mexico.

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Our Conventions and Programmes

Diversity of Cultural Expressions
Intangible Cultural Heritage
Underwater Cultural Heritage
World Heritage
Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property
Armed Conflict and Heritage
Climate Change

Supporting local communities and promoting sustainable development around the world

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Quantifying climate benefits from UNESCO World Heritage forests

UNESCO World Heritage forests can continue to be reliable carbon sinks if they are effectively protected from local and global threats. The high profile, global reach, and inspirational power of World Heritage sites underpin a strong case for action. The successful implementation of actions to protect these forests requires the mobilization of key stakeholders (e.g., governments, civil society, Indigenous Peoples, local communities and the private sector) to develop sustainable financing and investments and promote interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing for decision-making.

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