The UIS has launched its latest data collection on cultural employment for reference year 2015

The Survey of Cultural Employment collects data that will be used to better understand the contribution of culture to economic and social development globally. These data will enable the UIS to produce high-quality, cross-nationally comparable data and indicators that support Sustainable Development Goal 8, the promotion of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

The Institute is working with countries to produce a unique set of internationally-comparable indicators that can help researchers and policymakers answer key questions, such as: What is the size of the cultural labour force and what kinds of working conditions do these people face? What is the social status of women in cultural employment? How many artists are employed as performers?

Data will be featured in the UIS database at well as in a range of international reports and analyses. Results from the previous survey are also available at: under heading Culture. Interested readers may consult the survey questionnaire.

To report any problems regarding the data collection or for additional support, please contact us at

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