Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030

Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a central role in the implementation and monitoring of the 2030 agenda.  The Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030 (CCNGO-Education 2030) is a key mechanism for dialogue, reflection and partnership with NGOs working in the field of education (see their working procedures).

The CCNGO-Education 2030 is the CSO voice of the Global Education Cooperation Mechanism. Its members take an active part in the following: 

  • SDG4 Education 2030 High-Level Steering Committee
  • Sherpa group of the Steering Committee 
  • Technical Cooperation Group 
  • Regional SDG4 Education 2030 committees

The 2022-2023 Coordination Group of the CCNGO members 

  • Africa representative: Solange Koumbon Akpo, Regional Coordinator, Africa Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA)
  • Arab States representative: Fotouh Mahmoud Younes, Executive Director, Arab Network for Civic Education (ANHRE)
  • Asia and the Pacific representative: Maria Helen Dabu, Secretary-General, Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE)
  • Europe and North America representative: Christoph Jost, Director of DVV International, European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean representative: Nelsy Lizarazo, General Coordinator, Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE)
  • International representative: Refat Sabbah, President, Global Campaign for Education (GCE)
  • International representative: Mercedes Mayol Lassalle, World President, World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP)
  • Membership at large representative:  Andressa Pellanda, General Coordinator, Brazilian Campaign for Right to Education (BCRE)
  • Membership at large representative: Waleed Saad, General Manager, Woman and Society Association (WAS)
  • Liaison committee representative: Marie-Claude Machon Honore, NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee member

CCNGO CG 2022-23

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