UNESCO great voices

Great Voices of UNESCO

In the world, it is important to leave a mark to promote change in humanity, and thus promote peace.

For this reason, UNESCO recognises the voices of certain personalities have left their mark on their environment, country, continent, or even their century. Through their reflection, activism, will, or their perseverance, men and women have always expressed their ideas, but also their ambitions and their vision of their society and the future. This expression often responds to the desire to build a culture of peace and knowledge, and thus fulfils UNESCO's mandate.  

The organization also recognises and supports the voices of its experts who address key challenges that involve and impact all of humanity.

In this non-exhaustive mosaic, let's look back over the career paths and actions of personalities who have left their mark on UNESCO and it's fields of action.

UNESCO Experts 2022
"Is woman part of nature, or of culture? But why the question, since she is fully half of humankind, the one known as the other half (since there has to be another half) as opposed to the half, the one that matters, the male half? The story of her debarment from responsability and the democratic process gives us our first answer to these questions."
Gisèle Halimi
I don't sell bread, only yeast...(Miguel de Unamuno)