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Our vision for peace

Since wars begin in the minds of women and men, it is in the minds of women and men that the defences of peace must be constructed.

These opening lines of UNESCO’s Constitution bear witness to our effort to understand and respond to the very origin of conflict.

They are the backbone of all our action.

UNESCO was created in the aftermath of two world wars, in response to one of the most radical attacks against the dignity of human beings, when violent, racist and antisemitic doctrines were taught in schools, legitimized by pseudo-science and fuelled by systematic propaganda, using the modern tools of culture, communication and information.

UNESCO was born from a simple but firm conviction: that lasting peace must be built on more than the political and economic ties between states alone. That reconciliation and development demand stronger foundations, deeply rooted in mutual understanding, in the respect for the equal dignity of all human beings, and the intellectual and moral solidarity of humanity.

Our History

75 years of history in the service of peace!

A history in the service of our common humanity. 

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As a consequence, UNESCO believes that:

The equal dignity of all human beings

calls for the wide diffusion and access to culture, education, and the free flow of ideas and knowledge.

To achieve lasting peace and security

around the world, we must harness the power of education, science and culture to bring out the best in our shared humanity, foster mutual understanding and respect for human rights.

To help people live as global citizens

free of hate and intolerance, every child and adult must be afforded access to quality education, tools and resources, irrespective of gender or origin.

To strengthen bonds among all nations,

the preservation and protection of cultural heritage and the equal dignity of all cultures, on all continents, is fundamental.

To tackle the gravest social, environmental and ethical challenges

facing humanity, from climate and biodiversity crises to questions raised by digital and scientific progress, we need to support scientific research, innovation and cooperation.

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