About the Creative City: 

Located on the south coast of Thailand, the creative energy of Bangkok’s diverse population, inspired by surrounding multicultural treasures, is the city’s greatest asset. The blend of traditional and novel aesthetics form the fundamental ingredients of the city’s design evolution. Artisans, specialized suppliers and creative production communities fill the city, with more than 300,000 creative jobs recorded in 2017. For the city, design is the tool to leverage local wisdom and make Bangkok a resilient city coping with the 21st century’s challenges.

Decades of regional trade and design exhibitions sustain the flow of new ideas, including the renowned ASA Architect Expo and the product design fair STYLE Bangkok. Bangkok Design Week adds a new creative vibe, attracting audiences of all generations and acting as a collaborative platform promoting the importance of design. As a hub of design education, Bangkok is a home to eminent design professionals. Major design school research centers serve the public and private sectors in developing both policies and products. Rising urban architects and designers lead the city’s advance to an inclusive and sustainable future.

To ensure the long-term success of Bangkok design sector, several strategies aimed at improving the status of design professionals will be implemented. “Bangkok as a Green and Convenient City” and “Bangkok as a City for All” both contain action plans to develop urban spaces for community regeneration and to provide opportunities for designers to learn, meet, and advance global standards of accessibility. The city is not only investing in improving the lives of its local inhabitants but also the continuous professional development for local architects and designers. “Bangkok as an Economic and Learning Center” strategy intends to make the city one of the three leading innovative-cultural cities in the region by developing high-value products and services, as well as organizing programmes to educate entrepreneurs, and the creation of a globally-linked network.

Added Value: 

As a Creative City of Design, Bangkok envisages:

  • making design partnerships among all sectors as an essential component of sustainable urban development, including the revival of historic areas and the transformation of underused areas for the new purposes;
  • strengthening international cooperation by organizing a design week and an international forum, and by participating in the World Design Organization’s initiative;
  • developing a hub of creativity and local economic development through the Creative District Network;
  • promoting the creation, production and dissemination of design-related products and services through the mentioned initiatives; and
  • using design as a tool to enhance inclusiveness and to encourage citizen engagement.
Member since: 
Mr Somchai Dechakorn, Director-General, City Planning and Development Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration bangkokcityofdesign@gmail.com