The Tracker Culture & Public Policy | Issue 3

This monthly Tracker is produced by UNESCO to monitor the role of culture in public policy with regards to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. It highlights developments within national and regional contexts, as well as emerging debates on culture's contribution to sustainable development. Drawing on a variety of sources, it provides a broad overview of cultural policy trends worldwide at the national, regional and international level and looks at ways in which countries integrate culture into other policy areas.


The global shutdown has affected the cultural sector and those working within it: the ripple effects of the pandemic on employment has expanded far and wide. What solutions can culture bring to the world of work in transforming this crisis into a launch pad to a more resilient, fairer, and truly people-centred economic system of the future?

The Cultural Policy Highlights section features the latest measures at the national level, including some on how countries are harnessing culture for employment and reorienting their education systems to maximise the potential of culture.

In the Cutting Edge section, we explore not only the immediate effects of the pandemic on employment in the cultural sector but also the structural changes - technological, demographic and societal - that call for new approaches in the broader world of work. The cultural and creative sectors themselves not only provide decent work, they can also inform other sectors of the workforce, calling for responses within the education sector.

Regional and sub-regional organizations, as well as regional development banks, continue to strengthen cooperation in the cultural domain: the Regional Perspectives section covers the latest developments.

The section Culture in the 2030 Agenda takes a look at initiatives including by Member States in their Voluntary National Reviews to boost employment and pivot their education systems to the future.

The Tracker Culture & Public Policy | Issue 3