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Our Impact

Discover UNESCO's impact around the world and the organisation's endeavour to build durable peace. Follow the  implemention of educational tools, the protection of cultural heritage, the achievement of sustainable development methods and many more ! 

Our impact over time


Transforming lives through education

Natural Sciences

Scientific research cooperation: Why collaborate in science? Benefits and examples

Ocean Sciences

Tsunami Warning System: Preparing for the unpredictable


Cultural heritage: 7 successes of UNESCO’s preservation work

Communication & Information

Threats to freedom of press: Violence, disinformation & censorship


Working towards an African renaissance through Culture and History

Social and Human Sciences

Promoting tolerance, human dignity and fundamental human rights

Gender Equality

Gender equality: Women empowerment in sports and science

Field Offices

Developing strategies, programmes and activities in consultation with national authorities and other partners.


Discover UNESCO Institutes addressing various areas of education. Let's transform education for our humanity!


Creating dialogue across cultures and exchanging initiatives to improve our world.

Futures of Education A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT

A global initiative to reimagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet.

Fogo Cabo Verde
Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence plays a role in billions of people’s lives with profound social consequences.

UNESCO observatory of killed journalists

Journalists play an instrumental role in guarenteeing democratic access to information.