Global Edition of the Master Class against Racism and Discriminations

On 21 March 2023, UNESCO will host a global edition of its Master Class Series against Racism and Discriminations at its Headquarters in Paris, as of 9:30 am in Room I. As previous editions have demonstrated, this has become a privileged space to empower young women and men to become anti-racism champions in their schools and communities. Around the world, graduates of this Series, have designed and implemented their own local projects and inspired their peers to engage in this important cause.
Visual identity for fight against racism and discrimination

This global edition will serve as a laboratory of ideas to enable young people to have a voice in this global movement by allowing them to contribute to the evolving nature of the Roadmap against racism and discrimination*.

Through participatory lectures and thematic workshops, young women and men are enjoined to enhance their knowledge on various topics related to racism and discrimination. It also gives them the opportunity to reflect on ways in which they could become changemakers in society by being actively involved in local initiatives. By doing so, the Master Class provides an enabling environment to share ideas on leveraging youth agency. 

At the end of each edition, participants are asked to express their commitments on future actions that they can implement at their own level, based on the knowledge, skills and motivation that they have gained as graduates of this Series. They, therefore, not only learn and share their ideas, but also commit to implementing them. 


Launched in 2019, this Series has already engaged more than 6,500 students to become antiracism champions in their own schools and communities. Last year's global edition alone was attended by 1,500 students from 17 countries and counted with 18 institutional partners and 15 cities. Around 97% of previous editions’ attendees said the Master Class both educated and inspired them to be more tolerant, and over 75% said they felt confident to share their knowledge with their families, peers and communities. 

* The Roadmap against racism and discrimination, which is being developed through contributions and ideas from different actors of society, is part of the Global call against racism, contained a decision adopted by UNESCO’s Member States in December 2020, which urges the international community to step up its efforts to combat the root causes of racism and discrimination. To this end, the third pillar of the Roadmap calls for initiatives that build the capacity of multiple actors to engage in the antiracism campaign. Within this framework, the Master Class seeks to elevate itself as a potent mechanism to involve youth as proactive stakeholders.




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