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    16 mai

    ., the official and trusted source for comparable education data to monitor

  2. il y a 1 heure

    We have a pragmatic and unified approach to measuring learning globally. Read the blog

  3. il y a 2 heures

    Natural sciences & agriculture are the main fields of R&D employing most in Africa

  4. il y a 2 heures

    Attention ! 264M children & youth are still -of-school

  5. il y a 3 heures

    can cut poverty rates in half globally

  6. il y a 23 heures

    Major leap forward on the global reporting of learning – read the blog by

  7. il y a 23 heures
  8. 12 juil.

    Explore the data on girls' education with our eAtlas on gender disparities

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    12 juil.

    Why the stepping-stone approach could be the answer to measuring learning across the world. Blog by

  10. 12 juil.

    We could cut global poverty in half if all adults had secondary edu but rates stagnate

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    10 juil.

    Secondary education could halve global poverty. But basic education comes first. Report from

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    12 juil.
  13. 12 juil.
  14. 12 juil.

    We are moving towards gender parity in rates but inequalities persist at regional & country levels

  15. 11 juil.
  16. 11 juil.

    Sub-Saharan Africa remains region w/ highest rates for all age groups

  17. 10 juil.

    NEW DATA: Private sector funds 60% of all R&D activity in North America

  18. 10 juil.

    Youth are + 4x more likely to be as children & 2x more likely than adolescents

  19. 10 juil.

    Partners call for greater support of Global Alliance to Monitor Learning

  20. 10 juil.
  21. 8 juil.

    131M girls are not in primary or secondary school. We need to call on leaders to &data producers

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