Fifth Meeting

Fifth Meeting of the TCG

15-16 November 2018 
Mexico City, Mexico

TCG 5 meeting focused on topics related to indicator development, reporting, and benchmarking processes, as well as challenges and obstacles countries face in producing and reporting on SDG 4 indicators.


Fourth Meeting

Fourth Meeting of the TCG

16-18 January 2018 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TCG 4 meeting aims to provide an opportunity for participants to be briefed on key developments that have occurred since TCG 3 towards the implementation of the SDG 4 Agenda, and to issues related to the TCG key mechanisms and outputs.


Third Meeting

Third Meeting of the TCG

31 May -2 June 2017 
Montreal, Canada

The TCG was updated on the latest developments of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML). With GAML leading the development of learning-related indicators, the TCG can focus on the remaining issues related to indicator development, capacity development and country reporting.


Second Meeting

Second Meeting of the TCG

26 - 28 October 2016 
Madrid, Spain

The TCG discussed and agreed on a core set of 31 indicators for reporting and monitoring SDG 4 in 2017. The Group discussed the results of two open consultations on the indicators that were launched by the UIS as the Secretariat. This meeting also established three TCG working groups to address the following issues: indicator development, capacity development and country reporting.


First Meeting

First Meeting of the TCG

12 - 13 May 2016
Washington DC, USA

This meeting focused on three critical areas: the context and processes for global and thematic monitoring; modifying the thematic indicator framework based on the revised IAEG-SDGs global indicator proposal; and establishing priorities needed further
development and next steps.