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Former UNESCO Director-General. Advocate for ’s empowerment, , protection of and for sustainable development

Paris, France
Joined April 2015


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  1. Très heureuse d'arriver en Tunisie avec les Leaders pour la Paix pour rencontrer les extraordinaires femmes tunisiens qui ont défendu la démocratie et les droits humaines avec courage et conviction. Elles méritent toute notre admiration et soutien!

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    "Climate change has happened because of behaviour," says Co-chair , who also chairs the National Council on and of Korea. Ban urges to take "decisive !"

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  3. May 20

    Warm congratulations, dear - a well deserved recognition for your commitment to peace through preservation of cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and intercultural exchange. And I do agree - with warmth, beauty and grace!

  4. May 19

    How nice of you to mention my words of appreciation during my visi to the Shaanxi History Museum telling the incredible story of the Silk Road, when trade was accompanied by cultural, philosophic and scientific exchanges that gave birth to amazing discoveries & cultural heritage.

  5. May 16

    Pas de paix sans les femmes - sur la table de negotiations, dans le processus de réconciliation et dans le maintain de la paix!

  6. May 14

    Two fantastic days of debates among our extraordinary group of leaders from politics, civil society and diplomacy, all ardently committed to multilateralism and peace. And very encouraging meetings with French political leaders. Thank you for having us all around you!

  7. May 14

    Un débat passionnant sur les femmes et la paix. Félicitations à ma très chère amie , Secrétaire Générale de la Francophonie, pour son engagement dans la recherche de la paix et la place des femmes dans le règlement des conflict. Pas de paix sans les femmes!

  8. May 14

    Fière d’être parmi les Leaders pour la Paix autours de son Président et le de la France.

  9. May 7

    An alarming UN Report - Humans are driving one million species to extinction. Biodiversity should indeed be at the top of the global agenda alongside climate, if we want to preserve life on the planet and ensure sustainable development. No time to lose!

  10. May 4

    Congratulations, dear Getachew. So good to see this impressive ceremony. What a wonderful achievement for Ethiopia! A well deserved recognition for and .

  11. May 4

    So honored to co-chair with & UNESCO GWA Esther Coopersmith the annual Washington Gala Dinner “Celebrating Heritage”! Thank you, Jan Anderson, and congratulations to this year’s honoree - a strong commitment to protect cultural heritage!

  12. Apr 30

    Happy to all who love jazz as music of freedom, justice, intercultural dialogue and human dignity! Thank you , UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, for launching together in 2011 one of the most fascinating initiatives during my time as DG UNESCO

  13. Apr 29

    Thank you for supporting our Group of Women Leaders for Change and Inclusion & sharing our concerns on efforts to roll back hard-won rights for gender equality and women’s rights. Looking forward to working with the IPIs Women, Peace and Security Program.

  14. Apr 16

    Great opportunity to discuss how to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable through road safety and mobility. This is SDG Goal 11 on Sustainable Cities in action!

  15. Apr 16

    Heartbreaking images of fire and destruction of Notre Dame de Paris - an accomplished and iconic UNESCO World Heritage site. This reminds us of Victor Hugo’s words: “Great edifices, like great mountains, are the work of centuries... Time is the architect...”

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    Apr 15

    Successful Senate Meeting in Shangai today, following invitation from the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of people of China 🇨🇳

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  17. Apr 11

    What a great experience visiting Jeju UNESCO Global Geopark and meeting with the volunteers - a fantastic group of local women and men that care deeply about the history of their volcanic island and the protection of the environment. I am indeed deeply impressed! – at Jeju 삼다돈

  18. Apr 10

    A lively discussion with students on the UN SDG agenda 2030 and the challenges of unsustainable tourism and climate change as major threats to the conservation of the unique world Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.

  19. Apr 9

    Great news indeed! Congratulations to the Austrian Presidency for leading the EU in recognising the importance of international cultural relations.

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  20. Apr 8

    Jeju Volcanic Island, is the only place where all four Internationally Designated Areas occur at the same location - a UNESCO World Heritage, Biosphere Reserve, Global Geopark and RAMSAR wetland site. The right place to discuss the SDGs challenges with the Jeju Mayor!


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