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    1 Feb 2016

    Follow for commemoration, documentation, research & education about the

  2. 6 hours ago

    This week Anne Frank would have turned 90 years old. Yad Vashem's new video provides a short overview of 's life, presenting her life in hiding as emerges from her diary.

  3. 17 hours ago

    — "Liberators & Survivors: The First Moments" This video interweaves liberators’ and survivors’ testimonies and other primary sources, highlighting the experiences of soldiers upon entering the camps.

  4. 20 hours ago

    12 June 1942, the Nazis declared a “new registration” of Jews in Khmelnik. 360 women & children were separated and later murdered at Ugrinovka (one of the community's designated murder sites). Learn more on YV's online resource "The Untold Stories"

  5. Jun 11

    11 June 1942 over 600 Jews from the Wiesbaden district were loaded onto cattle cars & deported to Frankfurt. Some were sent to Majdanek & the rest to Sobibor. It is not known of anyone who survived this transport. Learn about the Jews of Wiesbaden

  6. Jun 11

    that YV's campus includes a synagogue showcasing judaica from destroyed synagogues in Europe? "It is a testimonial to the indestructible faith and the extraordinary will of the Jewish people to survive, to remember and to rebuild." — , Avner Shalev

  7. Jun 10

    10 June 1943, Drancy "I hope that things will not become worse." Read Rosette Bomblat's , written two weeks before she was deported to Learn her fate here

  8. Jun 10

    In less than a month, the Jews of Gyor had been imprisoned in a ghetto & brutalized into declaring their valuables. 10 June 1944 they were taken to barracks in the outskirts of the city in preparation for deportation to . Learn more

  9. Jun 9

    9 June 1944, Hannah Szenes attempted to cross into Hungary after parachuting down into Yugoslavia. Reuven Dafni was in the same unit as Szenes tasked with infiltrating enemy lines to rescue Jews. He recalls their joint-mission here

  10. Jun 7

    Marking the Holiday of Shavuot 2019 American Chaplain Rabbi Hershel Schaecter leading the prayer service for survivors in the liberated Buchenwald concentration camp, Germany, 1945.

  11. Jun 7

    Tomorrow night marks the Jewish holiday of . Yad Vashem's photo archive contains nearly 350,000 photos from before, during, & after the years, including pictures about Jewish religious life. Below are photos of Jewish children celebrating Shavuot.

  12. Jun 5

    Listen to Zanne Farbstein's testimony as one of the first Jews in . She survived 3 years of slave labor in Auschwitz, and then moved to Israel with her few surviving family members. Learn her story here

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    Jun 4

    "An important step... fulfilling the duty of remembrance.” Luxembourg Minister of Education, Childhood & Youth, Mr. Claude Meisch, signs a cooperation agreement for Education training with Yad Vashem during Plenary meetings in Luxembourg.

  14. Jun 4

    3-4 June 1942 every womn from the transport shown below, and all Jewish men who were not between the ages of 15-55, were immediately gassed upon their arrival to the Sobibor extermination camp. Learn more about this deportation here

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    Israel congratulates on becoming a full member of following a vote of the IHRA plenary in Luxembourg. Australia's membership will allow to further enhance cooperation in combating & in sharing best practices in Holocaust education & remembrance.

    , , and 7 others
  16. Jun 3

    2019 Before the , Moshe Cukierman was the captain of his cycling team in Lodz. He participated in long-distance competitions, won many medals, & documented his cycling trips in his diaries. View excerpts from his diaries here

  17. Jun 3

    Yad Vashem mourns the loss of Semion Rosenfeld, one of the last survivors of the Sobibor revolt and escape, pictured here with Aleksandr Pechersky after the war. Two heroes of the Jewish people.

  18. Jun 3

    On view the bicycle that Marie-Rose Gineste used to distribute a letter calling on the parishes to save & hide Jews during the . It is displayed in our Holocaust Museum. Learn about Gineste's mission here

  19. Jun 2

    — “The Jews are people like everybody else” In June 1942, in protest to the treatment of French during the , Dr. Adelaide Hautval pinned this piece of paper to her clothes reading, “Friend of the Jews.” Learn her story

  20. Jun 1
  21. Jun 1

    Holocaust survivor Judith Kerr recently passed away at the age of 95. The portrait below depicts Judith in 1933, drawn by Carl Mario Stahl in Switzerland (who made portraits of the refugee community). Learn more about this story here


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