#Unite4Heritage: 7 Ways to Get Involved!

The #Unite4Heritage campaign is a global movement for the celebration and safeguarding of cultural heritage and diversity worldwide. We call on everyone to get involved and spread the word about why this is so important – here are 7 ideas to get your started.

1. Post your support to social media

Take to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell the world what cultural heritage and diversity mean to you and why you think we need to safeguard and celebrate it. Or post an image of your favourite heritage site or cultural tradition and explain why it matters to you.

2. Explore heritage in your local community 

What better way to celebrate cultural heritage than to go out and experience it for yourself! Find World Heritage sites nearby, or visit the website of your local heritage organisation or cultural institution and explore the important role of cultural heritage in your community.

3. Organise a #Unite4Heritage event

Get your friends or colleagues together and plan an activity to celebrate cultural heritage and stand in solidarity with heritage under attack around the world. Invite heritage sites, museums and cultural insitutions in your area to participate, and work with local media to cover the event. Also be sure to let us know so we can add it to our events listing.

4. Let your government know why heritage matters

You can act as a #Unite4Heritage ambassador in your community by contacting your government representatives and letting them know why cultural heritage is important for you and why it must be safeguarded for future generations.

5. Volunteer to safeguard heritage

Get in touch with heritage sites and cultural institutions in your area to see how you can assist them in safeguarding heritage. You can also learn about our World Heritage Volunteers programme, which offers the chance to volunteer at a World Heritage site around the world.

6. Donate to the Heritage Emergency Fund

If you'd like to financially support efforts to safeguard cultural heritage in emergency situations, consider donating to the Heritage Emergency Fund, which contributes to the protection of natural and cultural heritage from disasters and conflicts by more effectively preparing for and responding to emergencies.

7. Stay up-to-date on campaign news

Keep checking back here to see the latest news about the #Unite4Heritage campaign, and check out the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what others are saying. Also be sure to subscribe to the World Heritage mailing list for all of the latest info related to cultural heritage across the globe.