ICOMOS- ICORP On The Road Documentary

Protect Your Heritage, Protect Your Future

Tangible and intangible heritage constituting the collective memory of humanity and the history. As Human induced or natural disasters cause loss of this collective memory and identity that shape along with this memory, we are also facing with to lose this connection to our own roots, that may cause weakening the vision to the future history.

ICOMOS-ICORP On The Road Project is now preparing series of documentaries that are telling the inspiring stories of recovery after disasters from the voices of heritage experts and local communities who are the heroes of those stories; raising awareness among the public on the subject to provide social support to efforts to protect cultural heritage.

The project is serving UN SDG’s #11 Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable; by building meaningful connections via communities recovering culture and heritage which helps them to survive and build a future for their societies.

Trailer of the First Episode “ Reconnecting The Sacred Valley Katmandu” :




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