#Unite4Heritage | Become a Partner

#Unite4Heritage raises awareness of citizens and cultural stakeholders about the value of cultural heritage and diversity. RU

To build peace tomorrow, we need to defend our common heritage today.
Photo by robertusajiputro.

Moving forward, #Unite4Heritage needs partners like you to develop new initiatives and support the campaign’s outreach.



1. Learn more about #Unite4Heritage

Essential information about the campaign is compiled in the Partnerships dossier (English version / Chinese version)

(Available soon in French, Arabic and Spanish).


2. Post to your website & social media

Create a feature story or landing page linked to unite4heritage.org, and post support to social media using #Unite4Heritage.

Follow UNESCO’s social media channels to stay up-to-date with the campaign: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


3. Promote the campaign to your visitors

Add the campaign logo to tickets, brochures and in-house information screens.

    - Logo available in English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

    - Logo in Arabic and English (bilingual version)


Download and print out posters, banners and kakemonos, and display them in visible places.

Talk with visiting school groups and engage them in a conversation about the importance of cultural heritage.

Feeling inspired? Customise the #Unite4Heritage postcards with your logo.


4. Organise a special event or exhibit

It can be a special open house day, heritage workshop, competition involving local school children, or anything else that you devise. Invite the local media to cover the activities, and post it to social media using the #Unite4Heritage hashtag.

Share with us all the information about your event, to have it featured on this platform (news article + event calendar).


5. Spread the word and help us raise funds

Tap into your own partner network to help us get the word out about the need to 'Unite for Heritage'. Mention the campaign in your newsletters and direct mail communications, and contact organizations and institutions to encourage them to participate.

Invite people to participate directly to the Programme, by making a donation here.

DONATE for Unite4Heritage


7. Help us generate campaign content

We’re collecting creative content that captures the idea that cultural heritage is a part of all of us. You can help us by sending in photos, interviews and articles we can relay. Record short video messages from experts, celebrities and local people (especially young people) about the role of cultural heritage in their lives.




Here are some of our previous events:

- Yemen Heritage Week kicks off in 10 leading museums around the world

- Round Table: The movement of cultural property in 2016

- 1,600 Lebanese students to learn about heritage protection

- Over 70 Palestinian Young Volunteers for the Preservation of their Cultural Heritage

- Second phase of #Unite4Heritage campaign in Jordan kicks off with visit to Old City of As-Salt




Panel image by Jeremy Chivers