European Heritage Days – September 2017

Published 5th September 2017

Since 1984, the European Heritage Days have provided an open access to cultural heritage, allowing anyone and everyone to get involved with the continent’s rich past - from chateaux to archives, 17,000 monuments will fling open their doors, with 25,000 different events happening. With Unite4Heritage being a movement that is powered by UNESCO, our ultimate goal is to protect, popularise and celebrate cultural heritage; thus, getting involved with the European Heritage Days really is a no-brainer!

The European Heritage Days provides the public with a proud celebration of the many examples of built and intangible heritage that surround us on a daily basis, that we would usually not have access to. Europe recognises that as part of this event, aspects of intercultural dialogue, partnership and civic responsibility are paramount to its success, and to the positive impression left on young people.

The theme of this year’s renewal in France is youth, in which various societies, groups and administrations have directed their best efforts to directly address the younger population.

Also targeted as main themes throughout Europe is the environment, whether urban or countryside, and how awareness of our cultural heritage within its environment can help us learn how to better protect both. Urbanisation, gentrification and tourism have all posed some challenge to cultural heritage, so the information provided in countries like Finland and Belgium, who are pursuing this theme, is sure to be informative as to nature’s fundamental value to cultural heritage and its protection.          

Just a snapshot of the events happening this year throughout Europe:

Mini-exhibition at Victor Hugo’s home

Victor Hugo, who lived at this address, now a museum, between 1832 and 1848 remains one of the most celebrated literary figures worldwide. The Maison tells the tripartite story of his life: before, during and after his exile. You can, as part of European Heritage Days, exclusively see his ‘Memories of Spain’, collections from his youth of his visits to Spain, which had an astonishing impact on his work. Practical information in the following link:

Maison Victor Hugo, found at www.
Maison Victor Hugo, found at

Tour of England’s First Mosque

Situated in Liverpool, UK, the Abdullah Quilliam Mosque and Heritage Centre has stood in its place since 1887, and was the first ever mosque built in England. Now it acts also as a heritage centre, and tells the story of the English convert who founded it, and the rich history of embracing different cultures that the city holds. The mosque proposes a small tour and information session, to get involved visit:

A bike ride through Moszczanka, Poland

In Western Poland, a bike ride has been organised for 16 September, where a group will cycle through the town and its surrounding regions, taking in the sights like the 17th Century chapel of Loreto Skrzebowa. Other sights include Catholic churches and cemeteries, inns and palaces. A communal meal follows the bike ride, where you can celebrate good company, great architecture and beautiful scenery.

The ruins of the chapel at Skrzebowa
The ruins of the chapel at Skrzebowa

More information at:

Learn more about the events happening near you on the European Heritage Days portal (, as well as their Facebook page and Twitter account (@JEP_EHD).