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  1. Aug 28

    Let's help some more Teachers clear their lists today! please drop your wishlist link & a little about yourself. Retweet & Follow! Team, if you have the ability, help me clear these lists! Let's GO! We got you!

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  3. Aug 25

    Just had a great chat with a teacher I never would have met without Twitter. I started with 6 followers and now I’m almost at 50! Can anyone help me get to 100? RT and share your story with me, I’d love to chat with more on here.

  4. Aug 26

    Any teachers still need help clearing their Lists? Retweet for help & add your list or tag those that might need help. Are you following? Have my notifications on?

  5. Aug 23

    Randomly Giving away Digital Amazon Gift Codes today! Just bought 20 of them in varying amounts Must Retweet this & be following me so I can DM you Let me know what you would do with it Notifications On!

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  6. Aug 21

    We are joining in to help ! Drop your list in the comments with a link. We'll RT & do what we can to help! Inspired by

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  7. Aug 28

    BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY!! For anyone working in education- thank u for your work. To win: personalized signed book, personalizable tote bag, stickers, & activity cards- RT and comment by 8pm EST, Sept 2. I’ll randomly draw a name to send to. 🙏🏽📚

  8. Aug 25

    Children have opportunities to learn from their , but also from their and peers

  9. Aug 23

    Stay focused got this. Hahahhaha!!! So good.

  10. Aug 25

    Help me connect with more ... and support them in more ways than one! For every 1K new followers, I will contribute $100 to . To help me spread the love and resources for and : 1. Follow & RT 2. If you have a list, share in the comments!

  11. Aug 27

    Great games classcraftgame: support_a_teach So far we’ve bought $479 in supplies for awesome ! 💪 Will you be next? Let's ! Drop your Amazon wish list to this 📌post, like & follow! Already shared? You’…

  12. Aug 25

    Just a reminder. People are spending their and to help please consider that with what is on your . Make sure you say . Give of items. I know I can never say enough to my .

  13. Another thought for as you start a new year: Your students remember all your compliments, even if they don’t show it. Especially the ones who receive so few. They will hold it close and put it in their pocket. Trust me. Much love for a great school year!

  14. Aug 22

    Curious how many are on here still trying to . Hit and RT if you still need your list cleared. NO LINKS please. Also drop a funny’s funny! 🤣🤣🍎🍎❤️❤️

  15. Aug 25

    For who are planning the new year, we have a variety of free online safety resources and videos for primary and post-primary levels.

  16. Aug 21

    🔊 that are still needing some help to , drop your list here! I will RT as many as I can throughout the day❤️ Btw, mine still hasn’t cleared, so if you feel like buying books, look me up📚

  17. Aug 25

    My sunshine and I bid you goodnight. Best of luck to all you who start back with students tomorrow, like I do. May you all in the days and weeks to come. Feel free to send them my way and I will RT as often as I can. ❤❤❤

  18. Aug 28

    Teacher friends, how long did it take you to set up your classroom this year? Are you elementary, middle, or high school? 🍎

  19. Aug 24

    NEW!! What to do the FIRST WEEK of class.

  20. Aug 25

    I had several items cleared from my list yesterday and I want the same to happen to you! Drop your list along with a little bit about yourself. Let’s start retweeting everyone! 🍎👩🏼‍🏫✏️

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