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  1. Aug 27

    TEACHERS: Why is the observation/evaluation viewed as a weapon versus a tool used for growth and development? 🍎🤔

  2. Aug 27

    is not a matter of getting facts and sowing them within brains, but that it is an attitude of mind that you children to find out for themselves. ~ David Attenborough

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  4. Aug 27

    As we near the return to school, this is happening! "Reasonable force"? Those two words alone should make us ALL feel very concerned!

  5. Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand lead the way at teaching skills for the future

  6. Our are not just the leaders of the future. They are the change-makers of today. Handsout is an excellent innovation which is making use of new technology to overcome old challenges - a lack of universal access to .

  7. 14 hours ago

    About 40% of the global population does not have access to in the language they speak or understand. ℹ️

  8. Aug 27

    While there has been an int'l revolution in 🏫 access, 260M children 🧒🏽👧🏽 are still out of school, and another 260M attend school but still cannot read. Learn how the Human Capital Project is measuring education by actual learning outcomes:

  9. Aug 28

    I want to see schools put more effort in extracurricular activities

  10. Inviting students to write their end-of-year legacy at the start of the school year is one of the most powerful and efficient interventions one can do for students, and it’s a simple tool to use. Dr. Maurice J. Elias writes for .

  11. Report: "The number of students from studying in America has quadrupled in the past decade, to a high of over 360,000 last year, more than the next seven countries combined." Are there national security implications at play?

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    Maybe you should do some reading. Those are his stats if you were wondering. If you’ll care to look further down you’ll see his stats from the past 3 years.

  13. Aug 28

    Here it is to know when altseason truly starts! Crypto Market Cycles for everybody to save, memorize or print on walls :)

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  14. "A human being is like a tree. 🌳 When you are in a bad environment, you narrow yourself and your thoughts. But in a good place, you expand”

  15. Aug 28

    Such a great day talking to the enthusiastic students about play pedagogy. So many great questions and clearly a very passionate cohort. Even encouraged me to have a try at this Twitter business.

  16. Aug 28

    The and the Government of announced a new initiative at that will help countries in learn from Japanese & World Bank experiences in human capital development through improvements in .

  17. Aug 28
  18. Aug 27

    93% of young people who graduated from ACT public schools in 2017 were employed and/or undertaking further study in 2018. The ACT Gov aims to give every child and young person a great education, and the positive life experiences that flow from that.

  19. Aug 28

    Good morning, educators! It is our responsibility to create learning environments where ALL students can thrive.

  20. Aug 27

    PRINCIPALS: Do you use the observation/evaluation as a weapon or a tool? 🍎🤔

  21. Aug 28

    Nigerian Universities Degree Classifications or CGPA are highly recognized overseas. For a fact, if your results are great. You will not need to write an English Test.

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