UN Volunteer Programme

UNESCO and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 24 February 2017, to strengthen collaboration and to promote volunteerism to advance global development initiatives.

United Nations Volunteers are selected from a talent database of 210,000 highly motivated, geographically diverse and well-qualified individuals with a wide range of technical skills and professional experiences. They could be a cost effective alternative to other well-known forms of temporary assistance and they can be recruited to support activities and projects at Headquarters, Field Offices and Category 1 Institutes.

  • UN Volunteers sign a contract with the UN Volunteer programme
  • UN Volunteers are neither UN nor UNESCO staff members
  • UN Volunteers can undertake official travel as part of their duties
  • 6,500 UN Volunteers are active in over 130 countries, representing 159 nationalities

5 UN Volunteer Modalities

International UN Volunteers: Assignments abroad - Min. 25 years old; Deployment up to 4 years

National UN Volunteers: Nationals of the country of assignment - Min. 22 years old; Deployment up to 4 years

UN Youth Volunteers: National or International - Between 18-29 years old; Deployment up to 2 years

University UN Youth Volunteers: National or International - Students between 18-29 years old; Deployment up to 6 months

Online UN Volunteers: More information on: https://www.onlinevolunteering.org/

How to apply?

  1. UNESCO Sectors/Bureaux/Field Offices will prepare Descriptions of Assignment (DoA) for available positions and secure the funds. The DOA must be as clear and as detailled as possible. UNV-HRM Focal Point can provide support to create the DOA.
  2. The UN Volunteer programme will advertise the DOA and preselect suitable candidates and will submits a shortlist of candidates to UNESCO.
  3. UNESCO will review the CVs of the preselected candidates and conduct an evaluation. The final selection decision will be made by UNESCO who will be made bu UNESCO who will inform the successful candidate and the UN Volunteer programme.
  4. The UN Volunteer programme will arrange the pre-assignment briefings and other administrative support for the new assignment. UNESCO will provide additional installation support and guidance upon the assumption of duties. The UN Volunteers signs the Undertaking and the form of acceptance of the Standard of Conduct.
  5. The supervisor of the volunteer will prepare an evaluation of his/her performance at/or near the end of the assignment. Extensions of the assignments will be possible.

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