Working Group

Personal data on teachers

This working group will develop guidelines for strengthening government capacity to compile data from various administrative and survey sources to provide measures for SDG 4.c indicators. A primary source of data for SDG 4.c indicators consists of public sector personnel data..


The key issues related to the availability and use of data on teachers are:

  • Lack of data collection on teacher qualifications in school surveys/EMIS
  • Low capacity by education ministries to report actual teacher’s salaries due to poor processes or infrastructure (e.g. no standardized electronic records)
  • Inability for education ministries to report actual salary payments (e.g. salary payments are administrated sub-nationally, by provinces or states; or salary payments are administrated through a different ministry, including public service ministries).

Indicator priorities

  • 4.c.1 Proportion of teachers with the minimum required qualifications
  • 4.c.2 Pupil-teacher ratio
  • 4.c.3 Percentage of teachers qualified according to national standards
  • 4.c.4 Pupil-qualified teacher ratio
  • 4.c.5 Average teacher salary relative to other professions requiring a comparable level of qualification
  • 4.c.6 Teacher attrition rate
  • 4.c.7 Percentage of teachers who receive in-service training in the last 12 months
  • Improve the collection of data on teachers using different sources of information such as EMIS, human resources and payroll databases, and financial data.

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