Global Coalition for Education Data

The Global Coalition for Education Data (GCED), the Coalition, is a new way of organizing the work of the Technical Cooperation Group (TCG) of the Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals - Education (SDG4) and is aligned with the multilateral education partners’ commitment signed in July 2019. The GCED will strengthen national and sub-national systems for integrated monitoring of education programmes and performance. By helping all stakeholders to collect, analyse and use timely and accurate data, the Coalition will contribute to the goal of data driven performance and accountability, and address the challenge of fragmented sources of data on education, too often resulting in data inadequate for reliable decision making.

Global Coalition for Education Data: Priorities and next steps, a presentation of the Coalition to partners by UIS Director, Silvia Montoya (February 2020)


Measuring Learning through the Lifecycle with Household Surveys,  a workshop to explore the possibilities presented by assessing learning skills via household surveys, and set up the foundations for a collaborative work programme.

Working Groups

The GCED brings together working groups, each driven by a given source of data needed to report on SDG 4:

Household Surveys

The primary objectives of the Education Data Coalition will be to enhance country statistical capacity and stewardship and for partners to align their technical and financial commitments around strong nationally owned Education information systems and a common monitoring and evaluation plan and to establish a one stop-shop for data sharing and will be geared to contribute to countries Education information systems.

The outcome of the Education Data Coalition is a more efficient investment in information systems. The timely, accurate and comparable data arising from the national information system can be used to understand the Education challenges, to design and monitor effective interventions and to evidence outcomes and impact at national and global level (SDGs). Further efficiencies will be achieved by sharing experience and learning from countries and other data initiatives.

The creation of a formal Coalition, with clear leadership and a secretariat, will give enough managerial and technical authority to provide greater coordination and accountability, both of which are necessary, to bring order to the education data ecosystem.

The Coalition provides:

  • a more effective system for gathering and investing funding from donors,
  • a better system for distributing funding to countries for better production and use of data,
  • a better mechanism for sharing information, and for serving as a broker between users, innovators, suppliers, and funders, and
  • to create a mechanism for better accountability.