Teacher Professional Development with ICT-empowered Innovative Pedagogy

The project Teacher Professional Development is designed to promote innovative pedagogy on both policy-making level and among practitioners. A rapidly changing education ecosystem requires a holistic approach to integrate digital technology to its fullest capacity. It is crucial to assist governments in creating enabling environment and to provide teachers with motivation, knowledge and means to enhance ICT in their practice.

According to the UNESCO’s vision of knowledge societies, technology literacy of teachers is not an end in itself, the ambition is to make teachers and learners produce new knowledge thanks to digital resources and electronic environment, with teachers constantly engaged in educational experimentation and innovation[1]. Meanwhile, cultural awareness and social inclusion are important prerequisites for innovative pedagogy.

Our activities:

  • Collaboration with UNESCO Member States in developing National ICT Competency Standards for Teachers;
  • Development of training materials for trainers on ICT-integrated pedagogy closely tailored to specific country conditions and needs;
  • Assistance to teacher training institutions in reforming their training courses;
  • Face-to-face and online workshops for teachers;
  • Research on best practices of digital progress in Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education.

[1] UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, p. 13