Scaling innovations with Teaching at the Right Level, Worldreader and the KIX Africa 19 Hub

Every Thursday from June 24th to August 5th at 3-5PM East African Time marked a unique opportunity for the KIX Africa 19 hub to interact and engage with country partners.

In the final session, Worldreader Ghana and Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) helped hub country partners explore what it takes to reach more students with best practices. On scaling successful innovations, Ashleigh Morrell of Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Africa evaluated approaches to TaRL that can improve learning outcomes in Nigeria and Zambia.

JPAL Africa’s Ashleigh Morrell describing catch up results in Zambia

Devyani Pershad, head of Pratham Education Foundation's International Collaborations, further added that TaRL, "is really about the commitment to foundational skills at the start. While most systems are focused on curriculum completion, the reality is that most children are still struggling with foundational skills."

Following discussions on TaRL, Ethel Sakitey of Worldreader Ghana introduced the principles of the #GPEKIX Teacher Professional Development (TPD)@Scale approach and also introduced research on adaptation and scaling of TPD in Ghana.

TPD@Scale approach presented by Worldreader’s Ethel Sakitey

The final session offered another chance to mobilize and exchange the hub’s collective experiences and knowledge with Olive Mbuthia of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development appreciating the “opportunity to engage with other African countries”. Leah Msukwa from the Malawi Ministry of Education remarked she would use the knowledge gained by “...compiling a report that will be shared across the Ministry of Education directorates”.

On possible policy implications, Professor Betty Ezati of Makerere University stated “As we design our teacher education curriculum, I will use the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)”. Fellow Ugandan Caroline Kavuma of the National Institute for Teacher Education noted that Uganda can “learn in developing CBC...and TBD using the experiences of Kenya and Ghana”.

Kebba Omar, an education specialist from The Gambia, shared concluding remarks by highlighting the need to always include community participation to improve learning outcomes stating, "At the end of the day we are all working for the children."

The sixth workshop is a part of the recently completed six part CoP on the Foundations of Educational Qualities. To see the full recording of the workshop, click here.

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