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Build Forward Better: how to prepare now to respond more effectively to crises’ impact on education

By Bushra Zulfiqar, Global Education Director & Emma Wagner, Head of Education Policy & Advocacy, Save the Children “Because we dream of a better future, because we want to succeed, we want your support to make our voices heard and … Continue reading

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China clamps down on private tutoring

Just as parents in China were gearing up to send their children to expensive summer education programmes, new rules released on July 30 have banned for-profit private tutoring and introduced further restrictions. The new regulations are going to put additional … Continue reading

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Inclusion is key to building education ‘back better’ but policy gaps remain

By Susan Nicolai, Senior Research Fellow, ODI Extensive calls to ‘build back better’ are being made in response to the continued impacts and restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. For education, with close to half the world’s students still … Continue reading

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Education from the Jhuggis (Shanty Towns) of Karachi, Pakistan

By Muhammad Aqeel Awan and Muhammad Fiaz Virk, researchers with ASER Pakistan, at Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA). “I study in class seven … Mathematics is my favorite subject.” We were not expecting to hear these words when we stepped out to explore … Continue reading

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Armenia aims for inclusive education for all children with disabilities by 2025

In Armenia, historically, children with disabilities and special educational needs were often excluded from mainstream education. Negative attitudes towards disability, combined with feelings of shame, led large numbers of children to be sent to special boarding schools, particularly in rural areas. … Continue reading

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Centuries of discrimination still run deep for Roma in Europe

By Manos Antoninis, director Global Education Monitoring Report In the Roma settlement of Obiliq, on the outskirts of Pristina in Kosovo, people have little access to basic amenities like electricity and running water. Since the pandemic hit, schools have closed their … Continue reading

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Despite progress, segregated education persists in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

English / Español Today, the regional edition of the GEM Report on inclusion and education in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia has been released in Russian, with an executive summary version produced in almost 30 regional … Continue reading

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The impact of COVID-19 school closures and stress on adolescent mental health in Kenya

By Jessie Pinchoff, Karen Austrian, Faith Mbushi, Population Council & Julie Mwabe, Kenya Executive Office of the President, Policy and Strategy Unit “I had anxiety because we left school when we were just about to sit for the exams, and … Continue reading

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COVID‑19 highlights an opportunity for out-of-school children

The response of education during the pandemic has revealed the possibilities, both digital and non-digital, to reduce the number of out-of-school children, including those who were already excluded before the COVID‑19 crisis. By Wongani Grace Taulo, Suguru Mizunoya, Garen Avanesian, … Continue reading

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We are proud of the first ever policy on inclusive education in Sierra Leone: the National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools

🔊 Listen to this blog By Dr David Moinina Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra Leone and Chair of the Advisory Board for the GEM Report I became the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra … Continue reading

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