Message from the Director

The Sustainable Development Goal for Education (SDG 4) is the shared vision and commitment of all UNESCO Member States and international education community towards an inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities that transform lives of all. UNESCO IITE as an integral part of UNESCO bears special responsibilities in the achievement of this holistic and ambitious goal by 2030. Since its foundation in 1997, UNESCO IITE has been enjoying generous support from its host country – the Russian Federation, and fruitful collaborations with its partners from different regions of the world and different sectors. Information and communication technology (ICT) has its unique power and fascinating impact when it is used creatively and collaboratively in our daily learning and teaching. Every school, every teacher and learner as well as NGOs and the private sector have opportunities to bring exciting changes to our education system. UNESCO IITE, with its professional expertise in ICT in education, is always ready to support you and work together with you to make our shared dream come true.