Learning for the Future: ICT Competency Development for Schools

In order to increase access and improve quality of 21st century education and achieve the overarch goal of Education 2030, new models of the school system environment are required. “Learning for the Future” will enable schools to enhance an innovative paradigm of the school educational environment so that they can play a more pro-active role in preparing students, teachers, parents and local communities to the rapidly changing reality both for the present and for the future.

The goal of the project is to investigate potential perspectives for educational ecosystems and support new competencies of students and teachers of the 21st century schools by identifying, piloting and supporting emerging approaches and practices used in technology-mediated school education.

Our objectives:

  • development and pilot implementation of innovative ICT-based approaches to the educational teaching-learning environment;
  • identification of new competencies of students and teachers of the 21st century schools in the ICT-mediated educational ecosystem;
  • support of the experience exchange and collaboration among school-leaders, students and teachers in UNESCO Member States, in particular in CIS and BRICS countries.

Currently, IITE involves one of the UNESCO’s major networks – the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) to serve as the main vehicle and support for the project. A special focus will be made on the research and analyses of the future school systems, on communication capacity of school leaders, teachers and students, and dissemination of the innovative practice for the international educational community.