Our partners

UNESCO IITE fosters the cooperation with its partners building on the principles of synergy and complementarity and implements its activities with the support of the UNESCO Headquarters and its host country – the Russian Federation. IITE launches and implements joint initiatives and extrabudgetary projects together with UNESCO institutions and other entities of the UNESCO system, international and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and research centres, professional associations and expert communities, public authorities and private bodies.

Networking with the group of stakeholders, with which collaboration is essential to fulfil IITE’s mission, the Institute further deepens its cooperation with UNESCO global and regional networks, including UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network, UNESCO/UNITWIN Chairs and UNEVOC Network. To involve a wide range of stakeholders and develop strategies for promoting innovations, IITE supports the IITE International Network of UNESCO Chairs operating in the field of ICT in education and innovative pedagogy and ensure its further development. Given the scope and complex character of the Institute’s mandate, IITE is committed to establishing active cooperation with relevant networks and experts in the field of ICT in education to ensure sound impact and greater sustainability of its activities.

UNESCO IITE’s partners are:

  • UNESCO Institutes and Centers
  • UNESCO global and regional networks
  • National Commissions for UNESCO
  • Ministries of Education in UNESCO Member States
  • Academies of science and research centers
  • Universities and other educational organizations
  • Non-governmental and international organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Private companies