Unit of Teacher Professional Development and Networking

The achievement of the overarch goal of Education 2030 starts from understanding how to solve main existing challenges – access, equity and quality – and to address the demands of new information environment and life in the digital world.

We believe that training of well-qualified and motivated teachers capable of using appropriate pedagogical approaches based on ICT as well as the use of ICT for the creation of safe, healthy, non-violent, gender-responsive, supportive and inclusive learning environments is vital for transforming education systems and achieving SDG4.

To this end, IITE invests efforts into advanced teacher professional development based on ICT and effective networking.

The specific objectives of our work are the following:

  • Strengthening national policies on developing ICT competency standards for teachers.
  • Exploring ICT-based innovative pedagogy, supporting capacity development programmes which can equip teachers with ICT competencies required to deliver ICT-enhanced teaching.
  • Sharing promising practices on transformative and innovative approaches on ICT-based learning and learning management.
  • Promoting programmes aimed to promote equitable access to education and lifelong learning opportunities for all by means of ICT
  • Establishing partnerships and building networking around flagship projects on leveraging ICT to take forward SDG 4.

One of the core activities of IITE is to strengthen the capacity of the UNESCO Member States in professional development of teachers on ICT-pedagogy integration. Our Programme activity “Teacher Professional Development with ICT-empowered Innovative Pedagogy” is focusing on development of a sustainable approach to teacher training on ICT-related pedagogy.

Among the major initiatives of IITE is investigating new educational environments and promoting new competencies of the 21st century schools The Programme activity “Learning for the Future: ICT Competency Development for Schools” covers a wide range of relevant issues in the area of transformation of educational paradigm and strengthening school capacities for the emerging of new ICT-based educational environment.

Following the initiative to support achievement of the goal of inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning by 2030, IITE aspires to ensure accessible and quality education to people with special needs through its Programme “ICT in Education for Persons with Disabilities – Policy and Innovative Practices”.