UNESCO relies on a comprehensive and diverse set of collaborative relations and partnerships to pursue its mission and implement its programmes. Partnering with UNESCO is a commitment to the highest standards of equity, fairness, accountability, and excellence. 

Become a partner of UNESCO and bring out the best in our shared humanity.

Our partners

UNESCO National Commissions

UNESCO is the only UN agency to have a global network of national cooperating bodies.

Public Partners

UN development system, governments, international organizations

Business, cities, young people
NGOs and Foundations
Goodwill Ambassadors
UNESCO category 2 Institutes and Centres
Association and Clubs for UNESCO - volunteering groups
UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme
UNEVOC Network
UNESCO Associated Schools Network
Core Data Portal

UNESCO-EU Partnership

UNESCO and the European Union (EU) are close and natural partners, sharing values and objectives, and joining efforts to support countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNESCO-Globo TV Partnership: Criança Esperança

The Criança Esperança Programme, a Globo TV initiative in partnership with UNESCO, is a social mobilization project aiming at transforming the future of vulnerable children and young people.