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Division of Internal Oversight Services

Division of Internal Oversight Services (IOS) provides an independent consolidated oversight mechanism that covers internal audit, evaluation, investigation and other management support to strengthen the functioning of the Organization.

Guided by its Charter, IOS is mandated with providing assurance that programmes are delivered efficiently and effectively, that strategic management information is reliable and timely, and that continuous improvements are fostered in methods and procedures to enhance the quality and impact of UNESCO’s operations.


To be an agent of change supporting the strategic transformation of the Organization to enhance performance, learning, accountability, transparency, and efficiency, therefore contributing to building stakeholder's trust in UNESCO.


To independently provide assurance and generate evidence for decision making in UNESCO through insightful audits, advisory services, evaluations, and investigations, by effectively leveraging the wealth of expertise available in IOS.

UNESCO Evaluation Policy, 2022-2029

This revised evaluation policy outlines the overall framework, principles and rationale for evaluation, and describes the evaluation architecture in UNESCO. Its overarching purpose is to strengthen performance, independent oversight and the organization’s evaluation culture, thereby contributing to accountability, learning and evidence-based decision-making.


IOS reports presented to the 215th session of the Executive Board

2022 Synthetic review of UNESCO evaluations
Infographic on 2022 Synthetic review of UNESCO evaluations
Evaluation of the UNESCO’s Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS) programme
UNESCO field offices in action for gender equality: evaluation of the global priority gender equality

Evaluation of UNESCO’s Strategy for Action on Climate Change (2018-2021)

UNESCO’s Internal Oversight Service has completed an evaluation to assess the relevance and effectiveness of UNESCO’s Strategy for Action on Climate Change and that of its support to Member States since 2018. This video presents some of the main findings drawn from the evaluation as well as some of the key recommendations issued.

UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission: Strategic Positioning Evaluation

This video aims to briefly present the key findings and recommendations of the strategic positioning evaluation of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), commissioned by the UNESCO Internal Oversight Service.

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