About the Creative City: 
Bandar Abbas, located on the southern coast of Iran, is the gateway to other nations. Handicrafts and local art, seafood, local music and song are the main cultural characteristics of the city. However, handicrafts and local arts are the oldest and most prominent creative industries within the city and include three categories: practical and marine crafts, local clothing, and local musical instruments. For Bandar Abbas, the art and crafts industry is an important part of the city's economy, with annual turnover of about $US 2 million and exports of nearly $US 1.5 million, as well as generating 8000 direct and indirect job opportunities in the fields of production, distribution, advertising, sales, export, and training of local industries.
Each year, many exhibitions and conferences are held at local, national and international levels. Many of these celebrate artworks and crafts created by local makers and students. By providing young designers with the opportunity to showcase their work, Bandar Abbas is encouraging a new generation of artists and ensuring the ongoing crafts traditions. To ensure the continued growth of the sector, Bandar Abbas is set to host the International Handicrafts Fair and the Persian Gulf International Festival. These events seek to share handicrafts, experiences and achievements of artists and experts of Bandar Abbas and from other parts of the world, and enhance women's participation in the development of sustainable economy.
To further develop and promote the creative industries, a number of plans, policies and guidelines have been implemented. These include electronizing the process of obtaining business permits and creating a mechanism for organizing and identifying homebased artisans with the aim of making it easier for individuals to start and operate a business. Weekly market for handicrafts were also introduced by local government to generate greater exposure for craftsmen and especially economic opportunities for women within the crafts industry.
Added Value: 
As a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, Bandar Abbas envisages:
  • integrating cultural and creative industries into local development programmes;
  • transforming the city through cultural values and encouraging the cooperation of all stakeholders to promote national and international interactions;
  • maintaining the human heritage to ensure the sustainable development of the city; and
  • being a center of excellence in creative industries development for its neighboring cities.
Member since: 
Ahmad Paydar, Head - Centre for Creativity and New Technologies, Bandar Abbas Municipality shahrkhalagh03@gmail.com