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Investing in Creativity.
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The time to invest in creativity is now!

Culture and creativity are the heartbeat of our societies, and we need them now more than ever. With so many crises around the world – from climate change to conflict and COVID-19 – people need moments to connect, come together, understand each other, and imagine better futures. Music, art, literature, cinema, dance and many more forms of cultural and creative expressions drive the momentum we need to overcome the challenges we face.

At the same time, the creative economy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, providing decent work, especially for women, youth and vulnerable groups. By investing in the creative economy now, especially in the Global South, we support sustainable and inclusive development so that everyone can reap the benefits. 

Invest in creativity

Statutory meetings

All the countries that have ratified the Convention are called “Parties” and together form “the Conference of Parties”. Twenty-four representatives from all regions of the world are elected to an executive body called the “Intergovernmental Committee”.
9th session of the Conference of Parties

The session will be held from 6 to 8 June 2023 in Paris

16th session of the Intergovernmental Committee

The session was held from 7 to 10 February 2023 in Paris

UNESCO-Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman International Prize for the Creative Economy
Bangladesh Prize 1

Key data

3.1 %
of global gross domestic product (GDP) stems from CCIs
US$389.1 bn
generated by the export of cultural goods and services

in 2019 (a twofold increase since 2015)

50 million jobs
are created by CCIs worldwide

or 6.2% of all employment worldwide

of workers are women

in the cultural and entertainment sector

#Resiliart debates

On 15 April 2020, World Art Day and beginning of Covid-19 pandemia, UNESCO launched its flagship initiative ResiliArt to raise the alarm on the artists, cultural professionals and the creative sector in crisis while celebrating the resilience of art in adversity.

ResiliArt consists of a series of online debates organized by State and non-State actors with the aim of examining the impact of different crises on the cultural and creative sectors and their main actors.

ResiliArt was thus developed as a movement for artists, by artists and UNESCO serves as a conduit between voices on the ground and global decision makers.

Today, we must secure culture’s rightful place in our recovery plans in order to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. Artists have drawn attention to create regulations which provide them with some degree of security, to provide support with regard to digitalization by ensuring cultural diversity, equitable value chains, and fair remuneration of creators by the main digital platforms.
Audrey Azoulay UNESCO Director-General

Latest publications

Defending creative voices: artists in emergencies, learning from the safety of journalists
Publication supported by the UNESCO-Aschberg programme for artists and cultural professionals and by the UNESCO Multi-Donor Programme on Freedom of Expression and Safety of journalists.
International Fund for Cultural Diversity: Why Invest in Culture and Creativity?
February 2023
Cultural organizations and the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions
This policy brief highlights initiatives and examples of good practice by both organizations and cultural events, to support artists, ensure access to a wide range of cultural expressions and support the creative ecosystem as a whole.
Cultural organizations and the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions
Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity: Addressing Culture as a Global Public Good
The UNESCO Global Report, Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity – Addressing culture as a global public good, is the third edition of a series designed to monitor the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.
Revenue distribution and transformation in the music streaming value chain
PERSPECTIVES for the diversity of cultural expressions is a series of policy briefs designed to inform and inspire discussions among Parties of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Its objective is to identify and analyse emerging trends in the creative sectors.
Revenue distribution and transformation in the music streaming value chain
Promoting policy and cooperation to support creativity: peer-to-peer learning toolkit
This peer-to-peer learning toolkit provides policymakers, civil society representatives, cultural practitioners and stakeholders with a step-by-step practical guide to conceive and implement peer-to-peer learning with knowledge-providers when developing regulatory, policy and strategic frameworks for creativity.
The African film Industry: trends, challenges and opportunities for growth
The report proposes strategic recommendations for the development of the film and audiovisual sectors in Africa and invites policymakers, professional organizations, firms, filmmakers and artists to implement them in a concerted manner.