GEM Report team

Meet the team
NameJob title Unit
Manos AntoninisDirectorGEM Report
Daniel AprilAssociate Project OfficerResearch
Marcela Maria Barrios RiveraAssociate Project OfficerResearch
Madeleine BarryProject Officer (Publications)Communications
Yasmine BekkoucheAssociate Project OfficerResearch
Anna Cristina D'Addio Senior Policy Analyst (Thematic Lead)Research
Dmitri DavydovSenior Project Officer (Partnerships and Operations Lead)Administration
Francesca Endrizzi Project Officer Research
Pablo FraserChief Education MonitoringResearch
Pierre Gouëdard Senior Project Officer (Data and analysis)Research
Priyadarshani JoshiSenior Project OfficerResearch
Josephine Lutta KiyenjeSenior Project Officer (Spotlight Lead)Research
Camila Lima De MoraesSenior Project OfficerResearch
Kate LinkinsProject Officer (Events and Partnerships)Communications
Kassiani LythrangomitisProject Officer (Web and Social Media)Communications
Anissa MechtarProject Officer Project Officer (Finance and Fundraising)Administration
Claudine MukizwaProgramme AssistantAdministration
Yuki Murakami Project OfficerResearch
Judith RandrianatoavinaProgramme AssistantAdministration
Kate RedmanSenior Project Officer (Communications and Advocacy Lead)Communications
Maria RojnovProgramme AssistantAdministration
Laura StipanovicProject Officer (Advocacy Partnerships and Events)Communications