ICT in Education for Persons with Disabilities – Policy and Innovative Practices

For IITE it is of vital importance to create conditions under which disabled persons could get quality and competitive education, and could fruitfully participate in economic, cultural and social life of their countries.  Provision of access to up-to-date technologies and innovative tools for disabled people will increase their social and educational inclusion. It will also benefit the governments as it will ease their financial burden of special needs care, allowing them to invest in education of the disabled rather than provide them with passive support. We aspire to contribute to the dissemination of the comprehensive inclusive society concept.

Our objectives:

  • Awareness raising on the potential of ICTs for social inclusion and reducing the poverty of persons with disabilities among broad educational society, private sector and governments.
  • Development of competencies of teachers/tutors, and other specialists involved in education and social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, policy makers on e-accessibility and ICT usage for persons with various types of impairments.
  • Spurring larger autonomy and full-scale participation in social life for persons with disabilities through development of e-accessible environment for their communication, learning and access to information.
  • Promoting computer literacy and vocational skills development among persons with disabilities through application of information technologies and resources.

Our activities:

  • Training of teachers and specialists engaged in education of persons with special needs, development of training and information materials to make educational personnel familiar with best practices and incentivize them to enhance digital teaching opportunities.
  • Establishment of the network of resource centers equipped with specialized assistive devices to provide access to information and knowledge for persons with disabilities, as well as to train educational personnel on the use of ICTs in special needs education.
  • Creation of an online platform that would collect a database on best practices and case studies on implementation of digital opportunities for teaching people with special educational needs.