Educational comic books released by UNESCO IITE

Last month, e-library Bookmate published three comic books about puberty, relationships and sexual health, created by the UNESCO IITE educational project “DVOR” and the association of artists and writers “Comicadze”.Over the past year, “DVOR” has produced three series of original comic strips, which had been well received by readers. Upon finding a visual way to talk about love, relationships, sexuality and reproductive health, UNESCO IITE, together with the editors of “DVOR”, decided to present the comic strips outside the community and released them in the Bookmate electronic library in the form of three books:

“Body and Brain” are ten short stories, where the key character, the restless brain, tries to comprehend all the versatility of life and communication with other people. Sometimes he succeeds, and sometimes he does not. Like all of us.

“The Bugs of Growing Up. Vlad” – five comic stories about a teenage boy. In the beginning of the story, Vlad finds a talking robot in the bushes and discovers that it was sent to Earth to study people. Robot Tolya asks the boy for help in studying the life of earthlings. This is how the main themes of human relationships, love and new experiences are revealed.

“The Bugs of Growing Up. Lika” – five stories about the teenager Lika. She faces problems that are familiar to most of people: the imperfections of her body, defending personal boundaries, the despair of a friend diagnosed with HIV, a taboo on the manifestation of her sexuality. It is not easy for her to cope with these difficulties. Sometimes she wants to hide in a corner and not feel anything. However, she still gives vent to her feelings, does everything in her power and finds ways out of challenging situations.

The release of comic books in the electronic library Bookmate, was covered by thematic comic communities, social and educational media. For example, in the Chips Journal and TJ, you can learn more about how these cartoon stories were created.

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